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Syngonium Mint of Sumatra (Grade B)

Syngonium Mint of Sumatra (Grade B)

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Syngonium Mint of Sumatra is a mutation of Syngonium Podophyllum that founded in Sumatra Forest. This amazing plant have beautiful pattern with white sparkling all around fresh green color. We also found that this plant has marble pattern mixed with mint type of variegation. Some of plant lovers who live around the forest propagated and spread this beautiful plant to some of plant collectors. This plant has some grading. This plant is GRADE B because every leaf is not fully produced mint pattern. For the Grade A, all the leaves produce stable marble and mint pattern.

Leaf Shape : Arrow-shaped leaves

Leaf Color : Dark Green leaves with marble and mint variegation.

Leaf Size : 12 cm

Plant Size : 23 cm

# Leaves : minimum 3 leaves

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