Terms and Condition

By completing the purchasing processes, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions shown below.


General Terms

  1. (Acceptance) - By purchasing plants overseas, Customers understand due to long transportation or custom processes, the plant might not be in its best condition. (such as yellowing in leaves, etc.)
  2. (Handling Plant) - The customer is considered to have the knowledge and experience to take care of the plants.
  3. (Photo as reference) We aim to give you a clear idea of the nature of the plants we sell. However, you appreciate that there are inevitably slight variations in size, shape and colors between different specimens. Illustrations, descriptions other information as to particular plants are approximate and for reference only. Unless we label them as REAL PICTURE. The Real Picture may change as the plant continues to grow. Prices are subject to change if there were an increase in the number of leaves or an increase in the size of the plant labeled real picture. 
  4. (Plant and leaf size) - The size of plant shown in the photo is the standard size set for the plant. If the customer gets a size larger than the photo, this cannot be used as a standard for the next purchase. The leaf reference picture is displayed from the largest leaf size. 
  5. (Phytosanitary Certificate) - Price is EXCLUDED from the phytosanitary certificate for 60 USD and this fee must be paid by customers on every purchase.
  6. (Plants Restriction) - It is the customer’s responsibility to understand whether the plants are listed as a prohibited plant or not allowed in their country.
  7. (Import Permit) - Please note that some countries require Import permits (Canada, Malaysia, UEA, etc.). Shipping over 12 pcs of plants to the USA required an import permit.  If your plant order is above 12 pcs. Please send your import permit approval to our email at connect@vandanaplant.com.
  8. (Delivery) - We are currently able to ship from our online store within Asia, most countries in Europe and the United States.  If your country is not listed here, please contact Vandana Plant call center to ensure the availability of delivery services.
  9. (Customer Data) - Customers must provide a detailed address, phone number, and email address for shipping purposes.
  10. (Plant Endurance) – Customers must understand each plant has a different stress resistance during the shipping process. Some types of plants such as Caladium and Palm will experience leaf fall during shipping. The type of plants easily stressed during shipping will be explained in the product description.
  11. (Export Process) - The customer understands and agrees to follow the Export process which is carried out according to the procedure. Customer is willing to wait if there is a delay due to the government delay of work, for example: system improvement, or regulatory changes. We will notify you when there is a delay.
  12. By submitting and ordering, you agree to be bound by all TERMS OF CONDITIONS.


Custom & shipping process:

  1. All shipping processes are the responsibility of the shipping party. Vandana Plant is not liable for any delay or damage caused by shipment and the Custom in the designated country.
  2. All duties/taxes/customs fees/any fee that occurs in the customs clearance process will be borne by Customers.
  3. Customer understands the shipping duration depends on your Custom Clearance process. In terms of delay, the Customer shall contact the Local shipping provider contact center.
  4. Packages should be obtained by post or courier within 24-hours of arrival.
  5. Lost packages and goods must be claimed by the Customer at the post or courier provider.




Vandana Plant is not responsible for these conditions:

  • Packages sent to the wrong address based on your data. Please double-check your shipping address when checking out.
  • Postal delays or mishaps. If your package came in later than the expected causing plants to face mechanical and environmental stresses, we will not take on the responsibility of the package sent.
  • Any loss (plant or export documents), damage, death, or injury arising directly or indirectly from any process caused by the custom or shipping process (handling, treatment, and release time).
  • Leaves turning yellow, burnt variegated leaves, and leaves damages, for some of these sensitive plant leaves during shipping (Palm, Variegated plant, Alocasia, Caladium)
  • Damages during shipping for any ROOTED CUTTING Plants.
  • Failure on delivery that arises because the Customer failed to meet Custom requirements in their country (DUTY/IMPORT FEE or other Plant Regulations).
  • Customers’ claims of dead plant later than 24 hours after receiving the goods.

The customer must provide an unboxing video without pause. The unboxing video should show the damaged part and packing slip existing outside of the package. Failed to provide the required video, no liability applied.



Replacement Policy

  • Cancellation arises after 24-hour order is received, which will cause a cancellation fee of 10%. This fee is applied for export administration that has been processed. After 24 hours, we do not take your cancellation order.
  • We do not accept substitutes, exchanges, and refund.
  • We do not accept return packages for any reason.
  • We accept only replacements for dead plants, NOT dead leaves.
  • Plant replacement will be sent randomly (size and color) but documents, delivery fees, and any additional fees are the customer's responsibility.


Customers are entitled to a replacement of dead plant, only if it meets all the conditions below:

  • The recipient’s address is according to the data we received.
  • Delivery is within the expected date.
  • Customers must provide an unboxing video without pause, starting from opening the plant box to opening each plant protective cover package.
  • Delays are not caused by the Customer's failure to meet Customs requirements in the destination country (DUTY/IMPORT FEE or any other Plant Regulations).
  • Plant death is not due to additional treatment in the destination country (heating or addition of certain substances).